Things To Do In The BVI

You’re finally in the BVI, and whilst you’ve booked the perfect place to stay, you also need to spend time outside of your hotel/villa/bareboat. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Full Moon Parties

The very popular Bomba’s Shack and Trellis Bay Full Moon parties are usually well-attended. The hosts provide food, music and — in Trellis Bay’s case — fireballs.

2. Museum Tour

If you’re a history buff and open to learning more about new cultures, you may want to visit any of the museums on Tortola, including the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum, Old Government House, The British Virgin Islands Folk Museum and the Virgin Islands Maritime Museum on Tortola, along with the Theodolph Faulkner House Museum on Anegada.

3. Park Days

The parks continue to be an attraction for guests and locals alike: the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens for lovers of flora and fauna; Queen Elizabeth II Park for those who have children or prefer to take an afternoon jog by themselves; and the Sage Mountain National Park for those who like a hiking adventure.

4. Eat Well

Don’t leave the BVI without tasting culinary masterpieces like the territorial dish, fish and fungi, peas soup with red kidney beans and pig tail, or the infamous guavaberry, an alcoholic drink popular around Christmastime and made with the guavaberry fruit steeped in strong rum.

5. Island-Hop

It’s the British Virgin Islands (plural). The close proximity of the islands allows for ease of access to more than 60 islands and cays. Take advantage of the closeness by hopping a ferry or chartering a yacht to visit popular places on the sister islands.

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