Pussers Marina Cay

I started Pusser’s more than 30 years ago now, after spending 5-1/2 years sailing the world in my sturdy 60-ft ketch MAR. We got the rum going first – Pusser’s Rum – and a few months later, a few clothing items. Sailing in all kinds of weather, and living in different climates as I did from Cape Horn to the Caribbean, I never found a decent pair of shorts or a good, basic shirt that filled my needs or fit the conditions under which I lived. Although I wasn’t a clothing designer (I’m an engineer), I designed myself a pair of sailing shorts and a few shirts that I hoped would be good for the tropical and nautical conditions in which I lived. A lot of thought went into the details. I had a few extras made, and began wearing my clothes around the islands. People began asking for them, I made a few more, and a clothing business was born. Our first products were the Sailing Shorts and the Skipper’s Madras Cotton Shirt. After 30 years, we’re still selling them. They’re the same today as they were then. They really have stood the test of time Our first Co. Store was a tiny 400-sq. ft. place in Road Town here in the BVI. Somehow, we also managed to pack a small bar into it that could seat only 4 patrons. The idea was that patrons could sample Pusser’s Rum while they were buying our shorts and shirts. It was so small, that the single bathroom had to double as the changing room. But this place became the most popular little bar in town with all kinds of interesting visitors, Walter Cronkite, Andy Rooney, Jim Henson and many more. When it was busy, I tended bar and hawked the merchandise. It was fun, and our brand’s notoriety spread.

Address: Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands
Phone: 284-494-2174

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