Delve Into the Wonders of the British Virgin Islands

Back when the Pilgrims were still in search of what would eventually become Plymouth Rock, the British Virgin Islands had long been settled and were starting to soak up a history that is quite palpable even today. If you like to season your vacations with a bit of local history, you should look towards the wonders and majesty of the British Virgin Islands. You will also find that there are plenty of activities and attractions to take in if you are traveling with others who might not be so enthusiastic about the past. Experience Destinations wants you to truly experience your vacation destination no matter where your tastes may lie.

Islands Immersed in History

Certain historic attractions are not to be missed during your stay at the gorgeous islands, including:

  • Callwood Distillery: Spend some time drinking in the bottled wonders of the Callwood Distillery before enjoying the sand and sun at nearby Cane Garden Bay. Rum lovers will most definitely find their interest piqued as they enjoy the flavored rum produced by the historic distillery.
  • Museum Trek: Museum fanatics will have their fill and then some while touring Tortola. Here you’ll find the Old Government House Museum, the Virgin Island Folk Museum, the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works, and the North Shore Shell Museum.
  • Mount Healthy Windmill National Park: The windmill park is an ideal destination for nature lovers and history buffs alike. It is here that the power of wind was once harnessed to churn cane which was used to create thick molasses and sugar crystals.
  • Marina Cay: Be sure to ferry over to eastern Tortola if you like a touch of intrigue with your history lesson. The 1930s saw the publication of a book based on the lives and experiences of a couple that homesteaded on Marina Cay.

Get Active

The British Virgin Islands feature several activities for when you want to take a break to digest all of the history that you’ve soaked in. Beach bums will feel right at home amidst the swaying palm trees dotting Cane Garden Bay, and those who wish can also take kayaks and paddleboats out along the waters.

Take a moment to smell the flowers at the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens. Here you’ll find a delightful collection of water lily ponds, orchids, and even a medicinal herb garden. One word of advice is to make sure that you keep an eye on the time and plan your day accordingly since the gardens normally close at 4:30.

Feel like you’re standing on top of the world at the 1,716-foot peak of Sage Mountain. Abundant trails litter the almost 100-acre national park along with gorgeous mahogany and white cedar trees to guide your way.

Both kids and adults will find something to smile about and enjoy while visiting Trellis Bay Village. Here you can people-watch basket weavers, potters, woodworkers, and other local artisans. Be sure to take back a bit of the British Virgin Islands with you if you spot something that you like. Keep your eye on the sky and your ear to the ground for the monthly full moon party where you can dine, take in some entertainment, and even watch as sculpted metal spheres are set aflame.

Food & Drink

You won’t leave the islands disappointed if you packed a healthy palate. There’s a cuisine tapestry woven with strings stretching from the local island seas all the way to international lands. You and your stomach are sure to be pleased no matter what type of meal you’re in the mood for.

Sample local flavors like cracked conch, roti, and grilled fresh lobster while watching the waves pile in at Myett’s Garden Inn and Grille. Nosh on coconut rum shrimp, Caribbean churrasco beef, and jerk-rubbed pork loin while 400-feet above sea level at Bananakeet’s Café. Be sure to end your meal and the night with a delightful mojito while you’re there.

Brandywine Estate Restaurant offers a feast for the eyes as well as the tongue with art lining the walls and a gorgeous garden. You can soak in the view while enjoying tantalizing dishes like British-style prime rib, Yorkshire pudding on Sundays, and an assortment of other Mediterranean bistro-style dishes. Don’t be surprised if you enjoy yourself so much that you ask them to set up a room for you in the back of the restaurant so you won’t ever have to leave.

Experience Destinations and the British Virgin Islands are here to offer you equal amounts of education and entertainment while you’re on vacation. Get your mind and body ready for the trip of a past lifetime.